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Right before the Christmas of 2014, I was asked by PAWS of Rutherford County, NC to go pick up my new Foster.

It was right before dark when we pulled into his owners drive. She was a sweet woman who had taken Buddy in, to keep his first owners from taking him to the pound. She had another dog, who was a male Pit Bull and thought Buddy would make a good playmate for him. Her dog did not want another male dog in the house and took it out on poor Buddy.

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Buddy’s new owner built him a very nice outdoor kennel, but after a few months she started looking for a rescue. She had always kept her dogs inside and knew this was no way for Buddy to live his life.  Other rescues had turned down her plea for help, but PAWS stepped up and helped her.

Buddy is such a special boy. I fell in love with him right away.  He was sweet and loved to cuddle. He was a little backward towards men — never mean —  almost fearful of them.

I prayed that the right family would see Buddy and want to adopt him into their home.

My prayers were answered and then some.

Buddy is living in eastern Pennsylvania with his wonderful new Mom and Dad.They have given him an amazing home filled with love. They have even gotten him over his fear of men. They have also made Buddy their running partner and he gets to run free in a nearby park, so he gets plenty of exercise, which I know he loves.

I am so thankful he has such an amazing home.

They keep in touch with me and every picture of Buddy has him smiling ear to ear. I am so thankful this special boy has found his forever home and is so spoiled.

PAWS gave this special boy the chance to have a great life.

— Lynda Collins


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