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PAWS of Rutherford County, NC has been a God-send to my mother and me.

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Several years ago a couple of neighbors didn’t spay or neuter their cats.  The mothers brought their kittens to our house and they never left.  Since the kittens were feral and us being unable to trap them, our population grew and grew.  Even the ones we could catch, we couldn’t get fixed because of lack of money.

One organization contacted us and offered to help us trap-neuter-return them but only the three that were tame got done.  We contacted another organization that agreed to help, but again no help was forthcoming.  In all of that time the population kept growing and growing.

Then PAWS of Rutherford County started up and I contacted them.  By that time most of the cats were tame enough that I could get them into carriers, but we still didn’t have money to get them fixed since there were about thirty or more of them.  Janice Mitchell contacted Mary Cervini from Community Partnership for Pets in Henderson County, NC who were providing vouchers for Rutherford County animals to be fixed through their grant programs.  Since we had so many cats Janice got a special deal to help us with our growing problem.

Through PAWS we have gotten all of our cats spayed and neutered.  Now no more kittens!!!  Thanks so much for your help PAWS.  If it weren’t for you our cat population would continue to grow.

I know that PAWS does what they say they will do and that is why I now volunteer for them.

— Donna Roach


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