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Letting Go is the Hardest Part – But Frees Us to Save More

On the 4th of July 2014 my husband and I fell in Love.

We already loved each other, but that day Gracie ran through our farm terrified from all the fireworks and gunshots —  and it was love at first sight.


We took her inside that night and found out she was one of the sweetest gentlest dogs we had ever known. Our 5 year old grandson Chris was spending the month with us and Gracie went and sat next to him and looked at him with those adoring eyes.

I spent the next 4 weeks looking for her owners. I posted flyers, giant posters, posted all over Facebook, and put ads in two papers. No one claimed this beautiful, precious dog.

We struggled during that time trying to make the decision to let her be adopted through PAWS of Rutherford County, NC. I was already a PAWS Foster and knew what wonderful homes they find for all the dogs. We also knew if we kept Gracie, it would be harder to continue fostering, because of how many dogs we had.

So we decided that we had to let this amazing dog go and Bless another family. Thanks to PAWS, Gracie lives on an Organic Goat farm in Eastern Pennsylvania.

She has a Brother dog, which adores her, and a wonderful family with two beautiful daughters who all love her.

I am glad I met this wonderful dog on her journey and was able with PAWS’ help to find her a wonderful family who loves her.

— Lynda Collins


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