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Importance of Spay and Neuter to a No-Kill Community

Humane Alliance truck

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I started with PAWS about 1-1/2 years ago with my first transport of 6 animals to Humane Alliance in Asheville. I was doing this as a favor for one of our members who was visiting family in California. I had been asked to pick up one dog on my way to the staging area. This dog ended up being my co-pilot since he had no crate and neither did I. I thought how hard could this be? Well I must admit I was very nervous driving these animals. My co-pilot was the calm one. They were someone’s furbabies and I did not want anything to go wrong. It was very dark out this early morning. I nearly missed the on ramp to the highway because of all the construction going on and the closer I got to Asheville it started to snow. Oh my, sure hoped I wasn’t driving into a blizzard. When I arrived I parked at the wrong door and went into the building looking for someone I could deliver these pets to. I’m sure they thought “who is this rookie”?  Anyway, they were very nice, directing me to the correct drop-off door and all the animals were delivered safely.

H.A. Van              Summer pickup

I think I’ve come a long way since my first spay/neuter transport. I am now the chairperson for Spay/Neuter Transports. We have become very organized from booking between 2-3 transports a month, scheduling the animals via ourscheduling center, receiving the animals at our staging location where release forms are signed, animals crated and tagged with vital information and loaded onto a transport van or truck depending on the numbers for that day. It’s hard work but with a team of great volunteers and the helpful people at Humane Alliance we get the job done with minimal upheaval for pets or their owners. The next day the animals are returned to this staging location and owners are given their care instructions and retrieve their happy tail wagging pet(s). These owners are so grateful and thankful that all has gone well. They understand how important this step is to attaining our goal in the No Kill Equation.

— Kathy Hackett


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