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Being Brave – For Treats, Attention and Love

I started fostering for PAWS of Rutherford County, NC in July of 2014 and although I have loved them all, there are 3 that took a part of my heart when they left.  They would be Ginger, Jake and Bandit.

IMG_20141020_175907       IMG_3547

Ginger and Amber had been at another foster’s home but when the family went on vacation, Ginger and Amber had to find another place, so they came to stay with me. Amber was the more outgoing of the two and Ginger just sat back and watched Amber got most of the attention.  I only had Amber for one night, since she was going to her new home the next morning, and that left Ginger by herself. She had to learn to be brave.  Well, it didn’t take her long to find out that if she was brave and faced her fears, she would get treats, attention and love, just like Amber had gotten.

Since I live on a farm, Ginger learned to be brave around all sorts of things; Horses, cats, chickens, tractors and wind chimes. It didn’t take her long to come out of her shell and be the playful, happy dog that was hidden inside. She would walk with me around the farm, help me do chores, play fetch and then take a long nap on our porch. She figured out that if she was brave around new people she would get scratched behind her ears and under her chin, which also made her happy.

Just about the time I thought she might be staying with us, the call came that Ginger had been adopted by a young couple and would be on her way to Pennsylvania.  I was so worried that the shy, timid Ginger might return, but with the help of her new family, the brave Ginger prevailed.

 I still get updates from her new family about how happy they are to have Abby (aka Ginger) and it makes my heart soar.

 — Betsy Greenwood


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